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Across Colorado, oil and gas corporations have abandoned hundreds of dangerous wells, and want to walk away from thousands more.

They're on our public lands. They’re in our communities, near our homes, even our children's schools.

Now oil and gas executives are pushing hard to stick taxpayers with the $8 billion tab to clean up their toxic mess.

Governor Polis’ administration has the power to protect Colorado families and taxpayers, but he has to act fast.

The oil and gas companies that profit from these wells must be held accountable for the mess they leave behind. That means making them pay, upfront, before they drill, so we don't get stuck with the bill, and the toxic mess, when they walk away.

That's why we're launching a major public information campaign, and taking our message to Coloradans across the state. We're running ads on the top-rated TV stations during primetime. We're blanketing social media, radio, billboards and more.

Our message is simple: we’re counting on Governor Polis’ administration to protect Colorado families and taxpayers, and hold oil and gas accountable, so we aren’t left footing the bill for their mess.

Protect Colorado Taxpayers is a coalition of statewide groups engaged around oil and gas issues including Sierra Club, ProgressNow Colorado, LOGIC Colorado, and Colorado Rising.

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